Sunday, June 17, 2012

So Sunday morning, just woke up, fully caffeinated and ready to roll. The plan for today is to use Google's Directions Renderer to map the direction from the geolocated user's location to the "facility" the user selects.

I have taken to Amazon AWS to host the application. A single instance EC2 on the free tier, quite impressive I might add. First time I have used Amazon and not too bad. Albeit the fact that mysteriously at around 11pm (that's when I have finished dinner and decide to do some work on the app), the file copying via RDP is horrendously slow. I get around 80KBps!! Also sometimes when I am not accessing the app, the CPU spikes upto 80%, don't know why that happens either as I am the only user allowed to access the app.

Once the app is ready for public viewing, I will post the URL live.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pet Project

Starting out on a little pet project of mine, yayers!! Decided to do a little MVC JQM project and to learn as I develop it further.

So I have a QNAP at home which I use as a media server connected to my Google TV. The idea is to have an app on my mobile that I can use to browse and search for movies from my collection in the NAS and eventually push them to Google TV (DLNA, UPNP, AirPlay??) so that they start playing.

I use a freeware movie cataloging software that can actually scan the NAS filesystem and fetch related information such as actors. IMDB ratings etc from the Internet and save it in an MS Access database. I have already exported that .mdb file to a SQL Express database to get started, so all the relevant fields I want to search on, are there.

The next step would be to create an MVC 4 with JQM project and get the ball rolling.